Huerto Las Parras SAT is a family-run company founded in 1996 which is proud of its more than a century of strong agricultural traditions, specialising in the production and commercialisation of high-quality fruit with presence in the national and European markets.

The experience and know-how of several generations guarantees the professionalism and dedication of all our employees when dealing with our products, opening the path to greater specialisation in the export of fruit.

Our main objective is to offer the consumer a product of maximum quality which is healthy and nutritionally-balanced, guaranteeing:

  • Nutritional properties and flavour.
  • Optimum colouring.
  • Excellent conservation.
  • Social compromise and respect for the environment.

The services which our company offers are mainly based on:

  • The production of select fruit characterised fundamentally by its precocity.
  • The export of our production and sales in the national and European markets

Faithful to our commitment with quality, our specialisation is focused on a range of varieties of peaches, nectarines, flat peaches and cherries which offer organoleptic conditions and which also have presence and preservation allowing us to increase our commercialisation to markets which demand high quality fruit.

Huerto Las Parras sends its production to markets which demand fruit of the highest quality. 

Our company exports most of its productions to countries within Europe such as France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania and the national market.